Polar Research Outpost 079 - "World's End"

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Polar Research Outpost 079 - "World's End"

Post  Octie♥ on Sat Jul 27, 2013 3:06 am

No. of personnel: 126
Department: Cataract ecology & geology
Status: Active

Description: Outpost 079 (often referenced as "zero-seven-niner") is a secluded research outpost located in the far, cold Northern oceans. It is the closest outpost to the Cataract, the next closest outpost being roughly 50km away. 079 is tasked with the research on ecology and geology surrounding the hazardous Cataract. This includes treacherous missions to collect samples from the Cataract.

Contact with personnel at 079 is strictly limited because of the dangerous area. Personnel operating at the outpost only have opportunities to communicate with people outside at designated dates, which are when activity around the Cataract is very low. Because of its secluded nature, 079 became famous among employees in N.A.R.D as being the place none would ever want to be transferred to. Despite this, personnel at 079 seem content, though they generally keep to themselves.

Work at this outpost over the years since its induction has produced a 38% mortality rate. While under normal circumstances this would lead to the closing of the facility, authorities decided such a figure was a bare minimum that they could achieve in such a hazardous place, and thus it became accepted as a high risk endeavor.

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