The CC Divisions

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The CC Divisions

Post  Homu on Mon Apr 22, 2013 4:12 am

Alright guys, i thought about it and i think there HAS To be a CC division thread. Now lets begin.

Clone Ultima V2 ( NEEDED )

THE CC DIVISIONS (( NOTE!! THEY ARE NOT CANON! Example: 41st skin is normally a Elite Skin but for enclave its different ))

Some rules: Per division 1 commander, 1 captain. Only commander uses commander armor. The rest uses the armor , read at the squads.


41st = the Rookiee squad, aka all privates should join there first. Then they can decide to join the Divisions/Squads (/model cloneultima/41st Robins still used old phase1 amor thoght. But its not like the superiors like to see "individual" armors at the 41st, since your just a private ) (Members are Vitend, and other pvts such as Robins. use tag Pvt.Random|CC|

The 5th fleet Security ( /model cloneultima/blue ) (No members) (Tags should be [Rank].[Name][5th]|CC|
Example: Pvt.Random[5th]|CC|

The 101st ( /model cloneultima/212 ) ( It is led by Commander dodger. Members are, Angelwing, Pvt.Scope.
Name Example1: Cmdr.Dodger[AT/Marksman/DHG/101st] ( note the |CC| is not needed when your name doesnt fit because it.
Name Example 2: Pvt.Random[101st]|CC| You can alter it if your having professions, but the colors must be in the right order. This counts for all CC tags. )

The 101st SubSquad , the Parjai squad ( use tag Pvt.Random[101st|P|]|CC|
The P stands for Parjai wich means Victory in mando'a
Clone paratroopers, also known as clone airborne troopers, were specially-trained clone troopers who were trained in high-altitude drops. They wore specialized armor, breathing equipment, and repulsorlift harnesses to help them survive these airdrops. Paratroopers used DC-15 blaster rifles and DC-15 blasters, plus an assortment of thermal detonators and other grenades

Tethys's squad: UNKNOWN! Chamto Post in this thread, then ill add it, and admin delete post. STATUS: FOZEN due Corea being MIA.

The 66th ARC Squad ( Members: Commander Cable, Captain Alpha-12 ) ( Tag Colors: Cmdr.Cable[ARC]|CC| ( skins is /model cloneultarck for normal arc, /model cloneultarck/commander for cable /model cloneultarck/red for Captain and so on.

White /model cloneultarck —standard.
Blue /model cloneultarck/blue —lieutenant.
Red /model cloneultarck/red —captain.
Yellow /model cloneultarck/commander —commander.

Various ARC's (A blue-striped ARC lieutenant and a red-striped ARC captain.)

Commander Cable

The 1337th legion ( Members: Commander Alpha-1337 , Sergeant Drill.) ( Name tag is: Sgt.Drill[CC/War-Hero/1337st]
or Pvt.Random[1337th]|CC| You can alter it if your having professions, but the colors must be in the right order. This counts for all CC tags. Skins are /cloneultima/Sky for normal planets and /clonecommander COMMANDERS ONLY use bacara /model clonebacara )

Commander 1337 and his 1337th division. ( Dodger uses that armor aswell but he may switch to Cody style armor , under it the Normal Planet Armor )

The 501st ( /model Cloneultima/blue for troopers and /model Jetclone for commanders. Members are RAVAGE, who rejoined the CC as CC-11833 RAVAGE[501st]. and Sgt.Shabiir )
( Name tags are Pvt.Random[501st]|CC| Except for Commander Ravage, since commanders are allowed to customize.)

The 327th ( Members: NONE! Apply, post here. NICKNAMES are given out during rps. ARMOR: /model clonebly/327th for ALL ranks. /model Clonebly for COMMANDER ONLY as usual. We are sick of pvts using commander armor.
Name Tag Pvt.Random[327th]|CC|)

Commander Unknown and his troops.


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