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Post  Mizu on Thu Apr 18, 2013 2:30 pm

Name: Nivea (Nih-vee-uh)

Race: Sylvian/Nemian

Age: Unsure; she’s likely in her 60’s to 80’s (young for a sylvian; looks to be somewhere between 16 and 18); her Birthmonth is November (Sylvians have a “Birthmonth” rather than a birthday, in which they celebrate on the first and last day of the month with all who share the same Birthmonth).

Gender: Female

Occupation: Unemployed domestic servant

Residence: None

Height: 5 feet; 3 inches (~ 1 meter; 62 centimeters)

Weight: ~ 45 kg ( ~ 100 lbs.)

Nivea the Imus 2CbM2

*tattoos and brightness of eyes are not usually visible*

Personality: Nivea is often quiet and withdrawn around strangers or unfamiliar settings, but will become lively, energetic, and almost exorbitantly trusting once better acquainted with. She has her quirks, and people might find her annoying at times, but overall she is a trustworthy (for a sylvian) and loyal companion, albeit a little clingy.

Weapons/equipment: She only carries the clothes on her back, a variety of pouches, and a mock-silver locket around her neck.

Magical affinity: Uses floral-based Nemian magic. Her radix is the Chrysanthemum.

- Has a fear of dark, cramped spaces
- Claims to be human most of the time
- Unusually honest for a sylvian, once trust for someone is gained
- Has an inherent dislike of humans, but is often hypocritical in that regard.
- Loves candy and sweets, and it’s often the only food intake she’ll partake in
- Often takes notes of, makes diary entries of, and draws of what she sees

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