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Briallen of the Raven Tower Empty Briallen of the Raven Tower

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Name: Briallen

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire (Blood Raised)
Occupation: ---
Residence: The Raven Tower


Briallen of the Raven Tower Briall10

Briallen of the Raven Tower 8b1f5b10

Briallen of the Raven Tower Cc365010

Description: Briallen is an aggressive blood-raised vampire who stalks the night in search of people to prey upon. Being the daughter of the great vampire sorceress of the Raven Tower, she is a dangerous being and rather prideful as well.
She has been raised by her parents to view normal people as toys or cattle, often being sent to feed on the nearby village.
However they do forget people can grow attached to pets and toys all the same, and in due time, she learned to secretly value people and their feelings on which she feasts.
One day, Briallen took off more than she could chew when she invaded Adrila on her own and ended up being captured.
A Dhampir called Rayleigh introduced her to a band of adventurers and she ended up journeying with them.
Until her mother appeared in the flesh and whisked her away to educate her further.
Later, Briallen appeared in Ivellea and saw Vallus, from the group of adventurers earlier. She was fond of him, why, she couldn't tell.
It was a dangerous place. He would surely die! So she knocked him unconscious and waited for things to quiet down. She could not resist however and sucked some of his blood.
And so she continued stalking said group, approaching them sometimes but being an unwanted pest to them. Even going as far as to use an enchanted flower to temporarily charm Vallus.

Personality and other traits:
-Aggressive and Predatory
-Sarcastic, loves to tease
-Afraid of Vampire Hunters

-Blood Sheath: Sheathes her sword in Blood
-Blood Shards: Blood from the Blood Sheath released as droplets that harden into blood shards
-Vampiric Traits: Strength, Agility, Night Attunement
-Unknown: Unknown

Hobbies & Talents:


Favorite Food: Fear
Favorite Drink: Blood
Favorite Animal: Any black feathered birds
Favorite Music: Gothic
Favorite Color: Red and Dark Blue

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