Dreadwood Forest

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Dreadwood Forest

Post  Karthusin on Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:39 pm

Continent: Old World
Province: Southern Ivellea

The forests are no uncommon sight for anybody - however one forest in specific is commonly avoided by the natives of the area. The elders of any towns tend to adress the so called ''Dreadwood forest'' as ''The forest of the dead''. And with good reasons.

It is spoken that the old Empire that reigned over the territories west of Adrila made it's last stand there - When the empire was officially crumbling and broken, more and more rebellions rising up against their ex-rulers, one of the surviving imperial generals led what remained of his men into the woods. They were not retreating however - they were rounding up for their last stand. They knew there was no way for them to prevail, with their numbers slowly diminishing, and lack of active reinforcements and supplies with the empire in it's falling state. And so, they stood their ground against an organized rebellious force that had them sighted. Vastly outnumbered, they had no choice but to fight to the end. But their general did not think of defeat - no. He had promised his men that he would lead them to victory. And they had sworn themselves to defend him by giving their lives if needs be.

The battle went on and on, and while the imperials were determined, the odds were stacked against them. One by one they fell, leaving only the general and a handful of his elites standing. In the end, only he remained, rounded up by his foes, with nobody at his side - and so he fell aswell, together with the men who had sworn themselves to him.

After many years however, it is believed that the dead imperial soldiers were brought back to life, only through their very determination and duty, enhanced by magic - their willpower prevailing over death. It is now said they roam the forest, led by their undying general, eternally ready to face their long dead enemies. Few dare tread into the woods, and even fewer return to tell the tales. For better or worse, it is left alone and commonly avoided.

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