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Name: Ravenna Salvatrice
Race: Unknown as of yet
Age: Unknown. Appears as a woman around her late 20s at most.
Gender: Female
Occupation: Travelling Merchant
Height: 1.80 meters
Weight: 60 kgs

- Has a large covered cart, that's made off of two parts. Front has two seats, although it's usually one that's occupied. Back is for equipment.
- Deployable tent, usually located in the back of the cart, along with a soft mat that could likely occupy the entire tent.
- A set of tailoring equipment, stan, sets of pins with numerous fabrics, and different colored textiles.
- A box labelled ''Guides to safety with magic''
- Another box, usually at the back corner of the cart, covered with black cloth, labelled ''Dangers of destructive magic''
- Has a brown horse, with an oddly white mane, usually reffered to as Selvatrix

Distinctive traits:
- First most obvious trait would be the small horns appearing from the sides of her head. Seemingly tends to avoid the topic whenever asked.
- Her eyes appear a hue of orange mixed with red. Nothing else specific.
- Her hair appears to be a pure concentration of white.
- Red markings upon her wrists. Usually covered by some wristband or bracer.
- Her clothes appear of high quality. Possibility she made them herself.

Ravenna appears to be almost always on the move, never sticking to one place for more than a night or two. At most she would make a stop at the occassional town to stack up on supplies or attempt to sell her stock for anyone interested. She herself appears to be a rather quiet person, concerned mostly with speaking about business, when approached. She might seem somewhat dispassionate and always as if she hasn't had enough sleep, notable through the numerous amounts of yawning and her generally tired expression. However, there's always a possibility to catch her in a talking mood, during which she could speak about any given topic. May throw in an occassional flirty remark, but that is hardly a possibility unless a specific situation presents itself or she has had a few drinks. She seems easy to daze through alcohol, and her sleeping periods usually take awhile, should she fall asleep. She may or may not be interested in giving detailed lessons upon magic, should you offer her more coin or somehow manage to persuade her.

Right behind her seat, usually covered by some cloth is a crossbow, loaded at most times. The crossbow seems small in size, and potentially used as a one handed weapon. One bolt usually holstered already, however there is an ammunitions box at the same place, with about 10 more bolts within, for backup. It being a small weapon however, indicates it's range isn't great and is likely used for close encounters.

Magic affinity:
You'd get the impression she knows quite alot about magic, considering what she sells. Fact is however she has a dark affinity for magic, likely manifested through alot of negative emotions ending up with a developped set of destructive abillities - you'd never know lest you've been subjected to them though. Funnily enough most of her merchendise is set upon safety with magic, rather than the opposite.

Favorite food: Sea delicacies
Favorite drink: Aged red wine for special occassions
Favorite animal: Lyre bird
Favorite music: Non-specified. However seems to like old songs, about heroes and great adventures.

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