The Master Card

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The Master Card

Post  Octie♥ on Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:41 am

The "Master Card" is the Tarot Card given to all human participants that possesses magical functions usable by them, whether they be a mage or not. These are powerful magical devices, and this a list of functions known to all participants (or at least should be):

This command prefix allows the user to use the magical energy of the card and partner to use a variety of general utility spells. In some cases, the energy can be used offensively or defensively. Commands that can be associated with Concentration are as follows:

Warp (To Self/To Partner/To [insert Address of location here])/Recall

This command can be used to warp one's self to their partner, or vice versa. Addresses can also be used to teleport to that location. Recall is a quick way to call back your partner to yourself.

Change to (Name of Attire)
This merely changes the current garb worn by the partner to a "stored" attire. Some partners require attires that change their very form to blend in better with society.

Imprint Attire
This stores the current garb/form your partner has taken on, so that they can revert to it using the "Change to" command.

Transfers magical energy from the human master to their partner. Does not do anything if no magical energy is present in the human master.

Mark/Lift Mark
Deploys a mark that can be used as a checkpoint in future reference. Lift Mark deletes all current marks you have deployed.

Causes the card to flash brilliantly. Fade causes the card's light to disappear.

Heals all injuries and ailments on the human master only. Usable once every 24 hours.

Disables any other Master Card in the vicinity for a single hour. This applies to the one using it as well. Disabled cards cannot be used at all.

Forms a magical barrier for 10 seconds that blocks any magical energy or physical force. Usable once every 24 hours.

Fires a volley of pure magic energy. The nature of the energy depends on the partner that it is being siphoned from. Advised use is once every 24 hours. Repeated uses within this period may result in injury to master and partner.


This command is used when knowledge of a certain topic is required. Simply utter the command prefix, followed by the subject you wish to find out a bout. For some, the knowledge is planted straight into their minds from the card telepathically. For others, information will be displayed on the card's surface for them to read. There are some static commands that can be used if one is unsure of the subject they wish to investigate:

Teaches one all the basic functions listed here that are usable with the Master Card.

Arcana Trials
Simply educates one in the history and regulations of the Arcana Trials.

Major Arcana
Provides user with details concerning the Major Arcana series.

(Address here)
This command will explain to one any "notable" events that have recently occurred at the address.

Defeat of (Insert Arcana Card name here)
When a participant falls in battle, it is announced to all other participants. The ones who are still in the Trials can use this command to acquire any known details about the demise of the participant in question.

This command allows masters to give their partners an order that they must follow without complaint or refusal. No partner can resist the domination magic used in this spell. This spell overall as a 24 hour recharge period as well, so use it wisely. As with other command prefixes, there are set terms for easier usage:

Simply makes the partner obey every single demand of the master.

Puts a limiter on the partner's powers.

Releases any limiter that has been placed on the partner.

Destroys the connection between master and their partner. The partner has a grace period of 48 hours to find a new master if their connections are severed in this way.



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