Princess Evanor of Adrila

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Princess Evanor of Adrila

Post  Karthusin on Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:32 am

Full name: Princess Evanor Bordegrath of Adrila
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Occupation: Princess, General
Residence: Adrila castle
Height: 1,74m.
Weight: 74kg unarmored/112kg fully armored

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As one of the eldest children of the Arrendal bloodline, Evanor took up in the image of her father from her early years. An aspiration for great deeds much like him as well as a great fascination for the knightly order that he and his fellow countrymen established, it wasn't long before she put aside any thought of royalty and special treatment and enlisted herself as a squire with the permission of her father. The majority of her early years were spent not unlike those of other squires, caring after her superior, his armament and his steed, which quickly helped her establish good friendships among not only the veteran and errant knights, but also other squires, who realized that the princess, no matter her heritage, was not treated any differently than anyone else.

When she took up errantry herself at the early age of 12, she did find herself struggling a lot with the unwieldy weapons for her, still, undeveloped body. Sure enough she had carried heavy equipment but to actually put it to use was no joke. However these early years were essential in fostering her magical prowess which eventually developed into an essential, if unrealized, tool in her kit, assisting her by bolstering her prowess and allowing her to wield even the heaviest of weapons with relative ease. This skill later went on to distinguish her from others, with the princess opting out of the use for shields and instead focusing on skillful feinting and parrying of attacks, using her heavy weapon of choice - the claymore, as both a defensive and offensive tool.

In addition to the intense physical training, she also spent a great deal of time learning to read and write in order to then study fighting manuals and texts, as well as military strategy, having the desire to grow up into a capable tactician. The ultimate result of these things was a very capable woman in her twenties, both well-acquainted with the aristocracy of her birthright and just as well trained in both the art of swordfighting and strategy. With her first trial being the siege of Ivellea, Evanor is to finally prove herself in a monumental event as opposed to a minor skirmish.

- Heavy claymore, of which she has both one and two-handed mastery.
- Rondel dagger
- Armor padding, full body chainmail, full body plate with a great helm of her own design.

- Supposedly dishonorable
- Supposedly scheming
- Supposedly merciless
- Supposedly reckless
- Supposedly boisterous

- Enjoys a drink
- Attracted to men and women alike
- Employs tactics that some might frown upon
- Imaginative
- Harbors a dislike for her father's choice in successor
- Many good friends among knights and generals alike, well-liked thus far
- Albeit not as skilled of a rider as some of her fellow knights, she is a well-versed cavalry tactician

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