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Post  Octie♥ on Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:54 am

Age: Unknown (appears mid-teens)
Gender: Female
Race: No one knows
Occupation: Travelling Merchant
Residence: The Ji'Shun Highroad
Height: 192cm
Weight: -

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-Power to tame Mimics?
-Power to identify most kinds of objects brought to her
-Seems to have amazing regenerative powers as well

Hobbies & Talents:
-Is quite acrobatic
-Persuasive, as any salesman should be
-Has uncanny ability to mysteriously disappear from awkward/dangerous situations
-Often tinkers around and creates weird and useful gadgetry
-Considers herself an artist

-Is a collector and specializes in trade; she seems to have almost one of everything in stock
-Likes to record new things she discovers in a journal/encyclopedia
-Owns a pet Mimic chest creature, which seems to have a hammerspace interior that contains all her stock (She also uses the Mimic as a source of transport and hiding).
-Travels up and down the Ji'Shun Highroad, bewildering and making sales with customers all along the road. Occasionally, she'll journey away from the Highroad for a set period to do who knows what, before returning to a "routine".


Favorite Food: Candy, Apricots
Favorite Drink: Ale, some weird New World beverage called "Root Beer"
Favorite Animal: Spider, Mimics
Favorite Music: Unknown
Favorite Color: Purple, Gold

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