Ji'Shun Highroad

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Ji'Shun Highroad

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Continent: The Old World
Region: Adrila to [Name of New World Port City]

In ancient times of the Old World, what was considered a long venture for travellers was a mere day's time travel away from home. This was because due to the harsh elements and wilderness of the Old World, people deemed it too difficult and impossible to reach one end of the continent to the other. Because of this, a lot of denizens remained unaware of the other kinds of people that they shared the land with.

One day, a scholar of an unnamed tribe named Ji'Shun declared that he would make the journey from one end to the other. Only a few truly supported his decision, and only a few accompanied him: A game hunter, a seamstress and a shipwright. The four ventured onwards into the wilderness, and travelled on mounts for 17 days and 17 nights. Each day they made camp, they would mark their location on a map the scholar created himself. Eventually, they did in fact reach the other end of the continent, and much celebration was had due to their triumph. However, when the shipwright saw the map, he questioned why the route the Scholar led them in made so many turns and detours. He predicted that the trip would've lasted 5 days less if they had gone in a straight line. The scholar explained that he identified trecherous places along the journey, and marked encampments along the map that would lead people away and around these locations, creating a safe and secure route through the Old World.

At present, the Ji'Shun Highroad is the longest road in the Old World and the busiest one as well, seeing much traffic along its length every single day. It serves as a primary trade and supply route from Adrila to [Port City], and many other locations have routes connecting to the main highroad, opening up many more trade and supply routes.

There are three key milestone locations along the road, each named after the other three travellers that accompanied Ji'Shun:

Arkel Flats
Named after the game hunter, Caven Arkel, this place is a flat plateau devoid of life save shrubs and small fauna. A river also passes into it, ending in a lake. Because of its lack of activity initially, it was deemed an ideal place for a resupply outpost for travellers. What can also be found here is a myriad of facilities that compose a makeshift village around the outpost. Because of the hot climate there, it's an ideal "vacation" spot for many travellers. Due to increased activity, certain creatures have become attracted to the area, but it hasn't stopped people from staying and/or passing through the Flats. The Flats are susceptible to sandstorms, however, and so the place is closed off at times. They are located at the exact middle-point of the highroad, and have alternate paths leading to other places (will get back to this).

Naridun Pass

Named after the seamstress, Kalista Naridun, this place is a large, wide bridge that passes over the vast expanse of the Guzumi (Old World's largest river). It has large, fortified gates at either end of the bridge and is mostly under Adrilan control, but access through is permitted to anyone (except outlaws and fugitives). Because of the size of the bridge, a military outpost along with basic facilities has been constructed on it, so that guards may effectively live out there while on duty. Travellers who pass through may also use these facilities, however. The Pass is a treacherous environment, so not many people choose to stay there for long times. In addition to weather threats, such as destructive gales and thunderstorms, various creatures occasionally assault guards and travellers at the pass, most notably river-dwelling creatures. It is located roughly between Arkel Flats and [Port City].

Wessa Caverns
Named after the shipwright, Forgon Wessa, this place is a large cavern system discovered by Ji'Shun and his crew when they were travelling to find a way through the [dangerous Mountain range]. They discovered that the caverns did indeed lead through the mountain, and now it is part of the highroad. Arguably the most dangerous key location along the highroad, since the amount of creature activity within cannot be effectively regulated by the guard. However, Adrilan military do have stations on either end of the caverns, and escorts can be requested through the caverns for a fair fee. Patrols are also common through the caves, due to the unpredictable nature of its inhabitants. Nonetheless, some parts of the caves are natural attractions that many come to witness, and other parts are as of yet undiscovered, for venturing deeper within is advised against by officials. There is a lot of rumor around this place, such as why people advise against venturing deeper within, and other folklore tales surrounding it, such as a fabled deity resting within the deepest recesses of the caverns. It is located next to Adrila.


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