Ayumu Ishikika

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Ayumu Ishikika

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Ayumu Ishikika

Age: 14
Gender: Female
Occupation: Church Follower/Puella Magi
Residence: Unknown
Height: 137cm
Weight: 70lbs

Magic Power D
Gem Threshold C
Agility A
Mentality E
Luck E
Signature Move A



Magical Girl Attire

Personality: If you ever thought of an example of a broken girl, Ayumu would be that example. She is timid, paranoid and shy. Not one of many words, she is usually on the very edge of a conversation whenever one is going on around her, and even if she is the subject of the conversation, she tends to try and run away from it. Overall, she dislikes contact with other people. She is easily frightened and is very subject to fainting. Because of the manner of her powers, she is also very cautious yet observant, often spotting and figuring things out other people would not have seen. Despite having a fragile state of mind, she is actually quite intelligent.

She has a complex that causes her to develop extreme attachments towards certain individuals that interact with her continuously. In most cases, these attachments are more burdens than anything and end up with her being abandoned, which sends her into a depressive fit. However, a complex with follows after this is a type of amnesia which causes her to forget about the former person so that she may focus on her new "target". While it is an extreme attachment, she can be very considerate and genuinely caring towards one if the feelings are returned towards her; however, she also becomes very dependent of the person and protective as well, which can often lead to conflicts.

It is a clear fact that she has suffered considerable traumas throughout her life, which has developed her into a very fragile and weak person in terms of mental health. However, she can be intelligent and reasonable at times that call for it, given that she has the proper support for her actions. Otherwise, one must be very careful around such a girl if they are not prepared to accept the consequences that will come when trying to support her.

Weapons: Shoulder-mounted Bolt Launcher

Abilities: Ayumu has a very simple power. Because of her wish, the "reserve" of energy from maintaining sight went into her other senses. Hence, her power is that of amplified senses in exchange of sight. This includes her senses of hearing, taste, smell, and touch. However, it also increases the sensitivity of her nervous system when faced with sensations such as pleasure or pain. This can have adverse effects on her body and mind (a papercut would be absolute hell-on-earth for her). In addition to the general physical traits that compliment Puella Magi, she can also spawn many copies of her own weapon and fire them each remotely, though doing so can expend a lot of gem energy.

Her signature move is firing an overcharged bolt of magic energy. While simple on paper, the sheer power expelled from this attack is overwhelming to most adversaries without resistance. It also doesn't seem to use up a lot of her gem energy, but it seems to exhaust her mind, hence its limited usage.

Hobbies and Talents: She doesn't have many. Usually, if she has become attached to someone, she enjoys doing just about anything with them, no matter what it is. Otherwise, she can be a fairly boring person. However, she does have hidden talents that can be revealed through request. She is surprisingly adept at playing wind-instruments, especially flutes. Though she doesn't usually do so because the high-pitch sounds hurt her ears a lot of the time. She is also a fairly good ballet dancer, and is extremely flexible, indicating at an acrobatic past.


Favorite Food: Just about everything
Favorite Drink: Just about anything
Favorite Animal: Lamprey
Favorite Music: Music tends to hurt her ears, but she enjoys ambient music
Favorite Color: None
Soul Gem color: Purple
Symbol: An oval-like shape that resembles a closed eye
Witch Kill Count: 2
Wish: "I wish I could never see again....So I won't have to see things like this anymore....Make it all go away!"
Time as Magical Girl: Unknown

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