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The Requested Log

Post  Homu on Sun Jul 08, 2012 2:43 pm

Ran says:
*(( also
*(( I associated girls with each of the Major arcana
      Linda Miller     says:
*(( Dont know what that is
Ran says:
*The Fool - Mukuto
The Magician - Midori
The High Priestess - Joruri
The Empress - Suzuko
The Emperor - Shin'Ichi
The Hierophant - Hizuki
The Lovers - Raika
The Chariot - Fiona
Strength - Phoebe
The Hermit - Ichiiba
The Wheel of Fortune -
Justice - Camilla
The Hanged Man - Miho
Death - Kantesda
Temperance - Mariann
The Devil - Akuko
The Tower - Claudia
The Star - Saki
The Moon - Ayumu
The Sun -
Judgment - [CLASSIFIED]
The World - Alouette
      Linda Miller     says:
*(( not into gypsy card stuff
Ran says:
*(( except two
*(( The Sun and Wheel
*(( hurr
<ScorpDK> says:
*Everyone < Lord of Nightmare
      Linda Miller     says:
*(( but they do fit
Ran says:
*(( The Fool = To learn from experience
      Linda Miller     says:
*(( too bad gargmek and scorp know our girls very little only
*(( Gargmek knows Miho particularly, though
GargMek DregGubbins says:
*(( Yaaahuh
Ran says:
*(( The Magician = Intelligence and concentration
*(( The High Priestess = Wisdom and common sense
*(( The Empress = Beauty, desire, satisfaction
*(( The Emperor = stability and discipline
*(( The Hierophant = Knowledge, education and maturity
*(( The Lovers = Union and connection
*(( The Chariot = Honor, energy, self-assertion, pride
*(( Strength = Patience, stability, kindness
*(( The Hermit = Isolation, philosophicalness, distance
*(( The Wheel of Fortune = Sudden change, destiny, opportunities
      Linda Miller     says:
*(( I like how much thought can go into those magical girls
Ran says:
*((Justice = Coldness, realism, clear vision, decisions, responsibility
      Linda Miller     says:
*(( A pity neither of you both know much about our RP with them. Real shame.
Ran says:
*(( The Hanged man = Sacrifice, acceptance, giving up
*(( Death = Ends, losses, deep change
*(( Temperance = Harmony, balance, well-being
*(( The Devil = Anger, lust, obsession, hedonis
*(( The Tower = Realizing the truth, sudden and dramatic change, downfall
*(( The Star = Calmness, joy, optimism
*(( The Moon = Psychological conflict, confusion, fear, imagination
*(( The Sun = Ambition, innocnence, enthusiasm
*(( Judgment = Absolution, rebirth, hope
*(( The World = Success, accomplishment, wholeness
*(( And i associated those things within all those chars
*(( Except two. lol.
      Linda Miller     says:
*(( Well, that's interesting
*(( I like when people put this thought intothings
*(( I hope Scorp and Gargmek paid attention to this
*(( He is still up after all, not paying attention now would be , well, beyond rude
*(( Now are you going to bed? Should I go? I'll be stupid when I wake up again...
Ran says:
*(( Log this xD
      Linda Miller     says:
*(( I feel like the sensei from shigurui, and that creeps me out really really extremely much. And yes. Which parts?
*(( The tarot parts?
Ran says:
*(( If you want
      Linda Miller     says:
*(( gonna do so and post in your workshop
Ran says:
*(( Alright

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