Siranoth, Black Legion Terminator

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Siranoth, Black Legion Terminator

Post  Karthusin on Sat Jul 07, 2012 9:46 pm

Overview: The Terminator often spends his time across Imperial planets, whenever an initial assault is launched from the Black Legion. He is often grouped with another group of Chaos Terminators to ensure a succesful siege on whatever needs to be destroyed, however outside of battle, he remains stationary upon the Vengeful Spirit.

Personallity: Siranoth appears to be - for a Chaos Space Marine, relatively calm outside of battle. He views all Chaos Terminators in his company as equals in the eyes of the Dark Gods, rarely fighting without them. However his personal preference bears little relevence in 1 on 1 combat, where it is displayed that the Chaos Terminator can well enough hold his own in battle and often able to overcome the majority of his foes. The Terminator also seems to take pleasure in hearing Space Marine warcries in battle. From the majority of factions he has been met with, he enjoys fighting his ''brothers'' the most. Whenever a Space Marine would call out to the Emperor - this seems to fuel the Terminator's fighting spirit, specifically when he can prove how much the Emperor ''protects'' after he has torn his foe apart infront of everyone's eyes. Siranoth would be noted for often falling in states of maniacal laughter when met in the midst of such conflicts.

Alleigence: Although the Terminator seems to bear no specific Mark of Chaos, it is indicated that he favors Khorne above all other gods, and that is shown during combat. He would be heard shouting out ''Skulls for the Skull throne!'' all too often, whilist tearing his foes apart. The Blood God seems to fuel the Terminator's powers during conflict, often benefitting him with incresed melee prowess and power.

Arms: The most favorable of his weapons appear to be the Lightning Claws. The sight of rending multiple enemies apart with one swipe seems to bring great joy to the Chaos Terminator. He would go into most battles with a pair of Lightning Claws, however there are occassions where he would switch his wargear.

Every once in awhile, specifically against encounters such as imperial guards or orks, the Terminator would pack his Daemon Maul, to take advantage of it's range and damage, aswell as the abillity to pile up about 4 bodies with just about every hit.

In rare cases, he would carry a power sword and a storm bolter, however those appear to be his least favored weapons out of the arsenal, as he prefers getting up close with the most firepower availible.

Aside from all his offensive capabilities, he seems to have an Icon of Chaos upon his back, offering him supreme defense in battle as the energies of the warp manifest themselves around him.

The Chaos Terminator with his Lightning Claws and the Dark Halo around him

The Chaos Terminator with the Daemon Maul

Aside from this, there are no specific records of the Terminator pre-Horus Heresy or during the initial process, however he claims that he has been part of the 1st company and has taken part in every Crusade lead by the Despoiler post-heresy.

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