Brydon the Exile, former Prince of Adrila

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Brydon the Exile, former Prince of Adrila Empty Brydon the Exile, former Prince of Adrila

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Full name and title: Formerly Prince Brydon Bordegrath of Adrila, now only Brydon.
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Occupation: Exile
Residence: Outside of Adrila.
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 74 kg unarmoured; in armour, 85 kg.

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Brydon has inherited many of Arrendal's warrior sides, but he is also sociable if he wishes; something he has from his mother. He is a skilled swordsman and an adept commander, having trained under both his father and Adrila's generals.  He showed little interest in becoming king, but when he had the option of doing so, he employed underhanded tactics, lured further by the power he could wield than any of his siblings.

After his exile, his ambition gave way to regret and a deepened sense of honour. He does not seek redemption for his past deeds, rather condemning himself to a life in exile. Freed from the temptation of power, he has regained his clarity of mind and once again lives by the virtues of a knight - with the exception of commitment.

Magic affinity:
Brydon is capable of creating simple, distracting flashes from his blade, and later make himself, and others, disappear entirely from the sight of those beholding the flash. Far more useful than mere party tricks, this is an invaluable skill, both on reconnaissance missions, and when engaging foes who rely on cheap tricks or ranged attacks.

Traits and flaws:
With his experience, Brydon has become a tactical genius despite his young age, commanding his troops with the same ease as he wields his sword. During the Ivellean Civil War, Brydon served as a field commander of the loyalist troops, taking command of the resistance in the rebel-controlled parts of Ivellea. Many a time did he dance with death, as he sought to protect his allies' lives with his own, but his quick wit and skill allowed him to retain the lead in that intimate dance, only breaking from his dance partner when his sister Evanor put an end to the rebellion. In his familiar style, he left without a farewell kiss, and as such, he is alive and kicking to this day.

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