Gardalion, the Plague Marine

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Gardalion, the Plague Marine

Post  Karthusin on Fri Jul 06, 2012 6:38 pm

Overview: A lone cloud of pestilence, that moves without anyone or anything than his personal swarm of flies and Nurgle's will. The Plague Marine, despite being a Death Guard warrior, hardly moves with any company, even his own brothers.
Although generally a happy person, simply wishing to spread Nurgle's love across the galaxy, there are times when the Plague Marine falls into a state of depression and sadness when people neglect Nurgle's gift. When this happens, it is even more dangerous to be around him as there's a likely chance he will begin to spread his aura of decay without any remorse whatsoever.

Arms: The Plague Marine carries a multiple set of items within his large ''backpack''. He is usually carrying his blighted bolter, projectiles of which will infect the cells of his foe save for the initial impact damage.

His other weapon, usually connected to his backpack via a tube, is his bile spewer. When not in use, he lets it hang down, releasing the filth in his wake, aswell as forming a small cloud around him. If he would begin to coat anyone with the weapon, they would find their skin rotting at an extreamly fast mannor, or have any armor corroded within a matter of seconds.

His most favored weapon however is his Unholy Blade, which he uses to permanately inflict Nurgle's gifts upon his targets. Once one has been stabbed with this weapon, the sickness will overcome them in a matter of seconds. Longest resistance would last until a minute before the person dies inside. Once this happens, their bodies are left moving as lifeless husks, attacking everyone aside from those carrying Nurgle's gift.

The most deadly of these however would be his permanent aura of decay. A huge dark green cloud shrouds the Plague Marine's figure. It is also a warning sign for people who lack the abillity to fight - usually meaning to run as fast as they can before the slow atrocity reaches them.

The Plague Marine with his blighted bolter in hand

Small autobiography, written by the plague marine himself, on a dirty piece of paper:
''We accepted Nurgle's gift. The majority of us. At first, a sick, disgusting feeling. Afterwhich a soothing, pleasent, painless sensation as I submitted my body to Nurgle. Some of my brothers denied. The majority accepted. The will of the Plague God, however, spoke differently to me. Not a simple soldier, no. I was to spread Father Nurgle's pestilent touch across the galaxy in a way which would be hard to track from the unbelievers. Large in size, me and my brothers would be tracked and located with ease. Alone, however, the sickness is much harder to track with any type of sensor, and knowing the False Emperor - one such movement will go unnoticed by many. Hence why I took it upon myself to spread Father Nurgle's gifts across the galaxy, to all those blind to them. I travel now, with my trusty flock of flies, from planet to planet bringing the joy of necrosis to those I find. Some may neglect Nurgle, but they soon change their mind once my unholy blade has been driven through their frail bodies. All I do, I do for you, oh great Nurgle. I do not wish anything but to spread the joy of unlife throughout the ones blind to it.''

((Why do I post this here? Well, since this is for characters that don't belong anywhere currently, this was the only place fitting for my Plague Marine))

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