Hizuki Sukitsu [DECEASED]

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Hizuki Sukitsu [DECEASED]

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Hizuki Sukitsu
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Occupation: Unemployed/Puella Magi
Residence: Has multiple residencies spread across Japan, has a manor on the outskirts of Tasogarogashi
Height: 168cm
Weight: Secret

Magic Power B
Gem Threshold A+
Agility D
Mentality B
Luck C
Signature Move D

She has long, flowing and wavy jade green hair that reaches down to her waist, with spring green eyes (change to golden in magical girl form). Her usual outfit is a simple white dress with flower decor. She also likes to wear a summer hat when she is outside.
Her magical girl outfit consists of a white outfit with green details. She also has a layered white shroud that hangs off her shoulders and has green wristbands. She wears a long skirt which parts at the center and has her symbol on it in white. She also has a second white dress underneath this skirt, and her soul gem is on her embroidery belt. Her boots are black with golden buckles and white detail. Lastly, she wears a bonnet-like headpiece which has countless ribbons of white and green tied at the back of it, and two buns of white ribbons.

Personality: To people she doesn't know, she likes to put on a facade. This facade is basically a kind, sweet and innocent girl who is well-mannered and initiative. She acts like this so people would see her as an ordinary girl, and therefore think nothing more of her. Her true personality is a lot more tempered.
Her true side is arrogant and imposing. She speaks as if everything she says will always go her way, and isn't afraid to state her opinion on things, often overpowering other arguments with her tone rather than the evidence she provides. She also likes to brag in an indirect way, casually addressing many things that would usually seem extraordinary (e.g killing ten Witches in one night, the death of a person). She doesn't seem to care about the well-being of others either. However, she does tend to become aggressive with girls who want to become Puella Magi.
For those who already are, she displays more arrogance towards them but also likes to act in as mentor. Despite her always trying to prevent contracts being made, she never hesitates to take on new Puella Magi and work with them (despite seeming somewhat hostile in her methods of mentoring).
If she is close to someone, she will try her best to act in as the protective side of the relationship/friendship. Despite her usual hostile attitude, she hates to bring grief to others, and often apologizes for her behavior if she notices someone becomes hurt. She may also become overprotective, often scaring others away from the person she is keen with. This can easily be stopped by simply requesting her to do so.
Overall, it would seem she puts on two acts. The first is a calm, innocent girl to everyone, to other Puella Magi and people who know her better, she will display an arrogant and serious nature. However, these two acts seem to cover up a much more timid and affectionate side of her; this side of her is therefore rarely seen except to those closest to her.
She also has a particularly weak side of her which shows when presented with cats; an animal she adores with passion.

Weapons: Ornate Key, Lantern

Abilities: She doesn't have her own power. However, her weapons provide her with a range of abilities. With her key, she can use it like a sword with the damage efficiency of an axe, and she is very professional in using in terms of techniques. The cutting potential of her key is actually higher than that of a conventional blade, but this seems to be present due to experience and training. Stabbing with the key and turning it allows her to "unlock" people's true opinions and most secret thoughts, or "lock" their bodies (effectively paralysis). This ability does not affect Witches. Merely stabbing them allows her to see them, but she cannot make the person say it themselves.
Her lantern gives her access to fire-related powers. It radiates a blue flame usually, which can turn white with enough power put into it. The flames only burn what she wants to burn;  the fire will usually not hurt allies unless she completely loses concentration, in which they start to damage everything they touch. Inserting the key into the back of the lantern allows her to control the flames emitted, at the cost of losing the ability to use her key. The flame properties can be also be changed, such as making them into a more solid substance rather than a flame to restrain enemies. Her lantern becomes unusable for a while after she removes the key from it. Sometimes she has difficulty even summoning it.

Hobbies and Talents:
She doesn't have many hobbies because of her job. However, she seems to be a proficient painter and also a tailor. One past-time she does enjoy is creating new outfits for her magical form. Just how she implements it is unknown; the fact that she even uses other dresses for her outfit is uncertain. Another notable past-time is that she likes to collect random trinkets; since she travels a lot, she has a large collection.


Favorite Food: Katsu Curry with Rice, Sushi
Favorite Drink: Pocari Sweat, Red Wine
Favorite Animal: Cats
Favorite Music: Classical genre
Favorite Color: White
Soul Gem color: Jade Green
Symbol: Infinite Sign
Witch Kill Count: 266
Wish: Unknown
Time as Magical Girl: 4 years



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