Blade Grass

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Blade Grass

Post  Berserker on Wed Jun 27, 2012 8:38 am

Continent: Old World
Region: Northern plains

Blade Grass. In the shadows of the tower of Bhelmar, once home to a cult of wizards in the Old World, lies the old battlefield known as Blade Grass. It was once a simple battlefield, seeing much border conflict between two minor nations. Over the decades, the nations fell and were swallowed up by other powers, but the swords and armour of the fallen warriors remain. Now, as the tower of Bhelmar has fallen to ruins, its position as magical focus point has also broken, and the battlefield has been affected by the magic powers running through the world. Now the grass and iron has joined together. Blade Grass. Its razor-sharp, steely barbs of death stands silently as a testament to its past. Among the grass, strange creatures have been seen... But none have yet lived to tell the tale of them.

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