Neutral Girls (Old)

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Neutral Girls (Old)

Post  Octie♥ on Thu Apr 26, 2012 4:29 am

These girls are just around and don't have any known affiliations...


"The Nurse" Kunika Nijishira
Narcisa Rosca
Ichiiba Murazaki



A terrorist magical girl with augmented physical abilities. Blew up a bridge with made headlines in Tokyo and stalks Camilla for some reason. Isn't know where she comes from, or what her motives are.

Magic Power ?
Gem Threshold ?
Agility ?
Mentality ?
Luck ?
Signature Move ?

Narcisa Rosca

The right-hand maid and close friend of Ichiiba Murazaki. Acts as guardian and sister to the little-big magical girl. Lobs bombs around and has gap hacks.

Magic Power B
Gem Threshold C
Agility A+
Mentality B
Luck C
Signature Move ?

Joruri Komiya

Disciplined, strict and with a strong sense of justice. Untouchable to those who lack heart. Lost an eye and also became scarred after her conflict with Hizuki. Above is her casual attire since I am required to art her magical girl form.

Magic Power A+
Gem Threshold B
Agility B
Mentality A
Luck B
Signature Move A

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