Alouette and the Four Matriarchs (Defunct?)

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Alouette and the Four Matriarchs (Defunct?)

Post  Octie♥ on Tue Feb 21, 2012 6:37 am

Alouette LaRocque (Deceased)
Nationality: French
Age: 15
Hair & Eye Color: Grey hair with blank violet eyes

Weapon: Parasol?
Power: Limited Omnipotency
Gem Color: White with a purple tint
Other notes: She owns a posh black limousine that can seemingly travel through time and space. She has a very vacant, soulless look. When in public, she seems to be invisible sometimes. According to Shin'Ichi and Mukuto, she died 2 years prior to the RP storyline in a car accident. Is the daughter of a famous businessman who went bankrupt after her "death". She is the "arch-bishop" and founder of the elusive Church organization.


Teresa Armitage
Nationality: British
Age: 18
Hair & Eye Color: Dark-colored hair with blue eyes

Weapon: Large Claymore
Power: Anti-Magic Field
Gem Color: Blue-Grey
Other Notes: The older sister of Elizabeth Armitage.


Heide Göttner
Nationality: German
Age: 19
Hair & Eye Color: White hair with aqua eyes
Heide on the left, her assistant Mira on the right.

Weapon: Disc-headed Staff
Power: Memory Manipulation
Gem Color: Pale Aqua
Other Notes: Alouette's advisor, and the creator of the memory erasing crosses distributed throughout the Church.


Eleonora dell'Abbate
Nationality: Italian
Age: 25
Hair & Eye Color: Brown hair with brown eyes

Weapon: A living exo-skeleton construct
Power: Person Manipulation
Gem Color: Baige
Other Notes: Owner of a global adoption agency franchise known as Sunvale Adoption Services (SVAS).


Freja Holtgaard
Nationality: Danish
Age: 17
Hair & Eye Color: Brown hair with yellow eyes

Weapon: Victorian Lamppost
Power: Time Scoping
Gem Color: Golden
Other Notes: When Camilla was "forced" into the Church, Freja was there as her introductory guide. However, she also confirmed Camilla's leave as well. Of course, Camilla didn't treat her any different from any other magical girl from the Church she'd meet, due to the information about her rank being with-held from Camilla. She has a time travelling power of sorts.

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