Mariann Lyngseter (Disappeared)

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Mariann Lyngseter (Disappeared)

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Mariann Lyngseter

Age: 14
Gender: Female
Occupation: Witch-hunting
Residence: Her home is just north of Oslo, Norway.
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 47 kilos

Power C
Gem Threshold D
Agility B
Mentality B+
Luck E
Signature Move D-A
Magical Girl outfit

Casual clothes

Personality: Mariann is generally distant and impersonal.  She treats those she considers stronger or wiser than herself very formally, while those she considers weaker she often looks after and protects.  Sometimes she opens up, but it takes some effort to do so.

Weapons: She carries a sword and shield, of which the shield is the most significant. The sword is a longsword, reaching from the ground to her waist.  The shield is a wide kite shield that can cover her whole side.

Abilities: Mariann's most significant abilities are her power to gather what she believes to be the souls of the fallen around her to power herself or others up.  This can lead to some super-powered abilities, and in some cases the soul she uses will grant a specific power-up.  Soul Gems and Grief Seeds can't be used for this power, however.  Her other major power is creating wings for herself.  These are white and appear almost angelic, but they're weak and only able to hold herself up for a long time. She can carry others for short durations.

Special Abilities: With enough souls gathered up from the surrounding dead, Mariann is capable of transforming her sword into other weapons.

    Spear: With a small amount of souls gathered, her sword can become a spear, which alters her fighting style.Mjolnir: With a large amount of souls gathered, her sword can transform into a highly functional copy of Mjolnir. She usually throws it, and depending on her gathered souls, it causes lightning to strike whatever it hits. This is a dangerous ability, as it can easily cause damage to her surroundings, and even herself if used recklessly.

Hobbies & Talents: Mariann has a harp she loves to play.  She often sings while playing it, but she's shy of playing in public.  When she doesn't play her harp or do random things, she reads stories of vikings and Norse gods.

Mariann is highly interested in Norse gods, to the extent that her powers as a puella magi was inspired by the valkyries.  She often takes pride in gathering the souls, and she believes that by using them to empower someone in battle sends these souls to Valhalla, as they were collected in battle.

Favorite Food: Au Gratin Cod
Favorite Drink: Milk
Favorite Animal: Mariann is fond of most wild animals, but her favourite is the wolf, which is represented in a unique way in mythology.
Favorite Music: Norwegian folk songs, especially when played on a harp.
Favorite Color: Chestnut
Soul Gem color: Bright brown
Symbol: , a common symbol among Vikings
Witch Kill Count: 46
Wish: "I wish to die in battle instead of on a sickbed, so I can go to Valhalla!"
Time as Magical Girl: Eleven months.

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