Fiona Amber (Deceased)

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Fiona Amber (Deceased)

Post  Homu on Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:52 am

Fiona Awesome

Age: 16
Birthday: 28th November
Gender: Female
Occupation: School Girl/Magical Girl
Residence: England
Height: 170cm
Weight: 54 kilos


Fiona in one of her many show-off poses.

Her punch. And you best's not pointed at YOU.



Personality: Boastful, full of herself, and in the strong belief that strength and power is good. When she realizes she doesn't have the upper hand, she becomes weak and fearful. She is just a young girl behind alot of power.

Weapons: A dagger she can multiply.

Abilities: Cannot be moved. She defies Newton's laws to a certain degree. Anything that would obstruct her movement is forced to move.
This also counts for if she, herself, moves against another object. This is the secret behind her strength. It is actually not strength, but her movement overruling all other movement.

Hobbies & Talents: Hobbies: Volleyball  Talents: Acting

Theme: NONE YET :(


Favorite Food: Meat
Favorite Drink: Milk (Straight from the carton!)
Favorite Animal: "Awesomenus Animalus"
Favorite Music: Nearly Anything
Favorite Color: Purple
Soul Gem color: Lavender
Symbol: Her symbol is a star on a shield and it is around her neck when transformed.
Witch Kill Count: She doesn't count, or remember
Wish: "I wish to be powerful! I don't want to be pushed around anymore!"
Time as Magical Girl: Several weeks

Witch: Bellamy
Nature: Eternal Revolution
Description: Bellamy, the event horizon witch. Her nature is eternal revolution.
Once believing in justice and good, yet at the same time longing to punish those that had bullied her,
the witch alternates between a furious ball of hot energy and an all consuming sphere of darkness.
One is generally safe behind the marker on the ground. To defeat the witch, simply let it swallow you up and move the singularity.
Familiars: Chester
Her familiars are pink gorillas which use objects from the barrier as clubs. They have holes where their hearts should be. Their duty is to be acceptable targets.
They roam her barrier in search of targets to bully. They are heartless and assault relentlessly.

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