Claudia von Stillfried (Miho Yamamura)

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Claudia von Stillfried (Miho Yamamura)

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Coming soon...

Name: Claudia von Stillfried
Type: Memorial Witch
Nature: Pity


First Barrier Theme(Dormant): Click me
This is the silent ignorance of the dormant state. See description.

Barrier Theme: [url=Has none]Has none[/url]

Witch Theme: Click me
This is the slow despair, creeping. Approaching. The quick changes of the images she broadcasts.

Witch Fight Heroic: Click me
The heroic and heart wrenching fight against a former ally. A twisted version of her former self, righteous in her own belief.

Witch Fight Damatic: Click me
The dramatic version of the above. The witch, it mourns of its former self. It pities itself, but it cannot control its nature. A sad fight.

Witch Memories: Click me
Flashback of her former life, broadcast through TV stations. Sharing the "Truth". The witch did this once, broadcasting its memories over a specific channel.
That night, those magical girls unfortunate enough to watch that very same channel throughout Japan, were confronted with the terrible truth.

The memorial witch; her nature is to pity.
Remembering her life as a magical girl, she wanders around, to spread the truth about the witches.
Restraining any intruders, she forces them to view her memories, and witch transformations that she once had witnessed.
She will never let go until everyone accepts the truth and drowns in pity, forever memorizing the fallen girls.
Any and all signs of free will are mere reflections of her memories, even her voice.

She has three barriers, one of which only appears when she hatches from a grief seed.
This first barrier is a desert that has many oil towers and oil pumps (Symbolizing Oil being made into Camera film tape. Her old hobby).
Depending on where she turns, this barrier section can change. The oil towers can become wooden towers, or bone towers, or steel towers.
But they always look like cartoon oil towers in structure. In the distance, there is a group of towers.
Inbetween the towers, as if they surround it, lies a very large cocoon, made of camera film. It lies there, held down by many straps.
These straps are between the towers surrounding it, as if they serve as anchor to hold the cocoon down.
This represents her phase before she became a magical girl. Sleeping, unaware, passive.

The second barrier, the "true" barrier that exists when the witch is awakened, is a large maze of polaroid photoes.
Think of a maze whose walls are entirely composed of polaroid photo images. The images, however, are scenery she remembers.
It looks like a replica of a place she remembers. Sometimes, she creates it anew, such as when she invaded her old school.
The maze was a replica of her school memories at that time. It has many runes that , together, give a poem.
In each larger barrier section which usually houses a mid-boss, a strong memory of the witch, the runes are seen.
The last phase of the runes is right infront of the Witch Lair.

"I sing this song, this sorrowful song
Up to the cold and lonely moon
I pray for my exile to come to an end
Someone release me from this tomb

I spend my nights, so lonely and cold
Showing the truth to the pale, white moon.
Is there release from this eternal night?
All I know are shadows and gloom

I've traded my soul for this one wish
Someone on which I can depend
Night after night, I wander alone
The truth now my only friend

I sing this song, this sorrowful song
Up to the cold and lonely moon
I pray for my exile to come to an end
Someone release me from this tomb

I bargained my soul for this magical life
But the cost was oh so dear
Night after night wherever I walk
I am met with hatred and fear

I spend my nights, so lonely and cold
Singing these songs to the pale, white moon.
Is there release from this eternal night?
All I know are shadows and gloom

Friends I've had, but friends all find
Their death in my embrace
My truth's chill drags them all down
To the shadow of despair"

(Song credits to Nox Arcana for the original song. I merely shifted the lyrics slightly.)

The Witch Lair:
A grey landscape of bleakness. It is as bleak as the witches hope.
The sky of this realm is pitch black. It appears to be a giant domed sky of blackness, like a giant darkroom.
From the roof hang large cables in arcs, on which large polaroid photoes hang. Only one of them shows an image. It shows an image of Hizuki.
The witch haunts this place, while, from its round large eyes, it projects it's memories onto the far distant horizon walls. Eternally, all the time.
Pictures of people she knows. The barrier shows locations, the witch shows people, and other significant memories. (too big to

A Dark future: Will anyone be able to stop this witch? What if she is not stopped?

The world of truth.
It is as jaded as those who are left in it.
In this world, no one fears the dark truth anylonger.
Everybody knows about it. The world moves on, while everybody withers away in the face of the truth.
One day, there will be no one left to percieve any truth.
Without anyone to percieve anything, an ultimate truth is created.

If Miho's witch becomes Walpurgisnacht status, this will be the theme of the "World of Truth" she will leave behind.


Who she once was...

Miho Yamamura

Age: 14
Gender: Female
Occupation: None
Residence: Tasogarogashi (Hizuki's Manor)
Height: 150 cm
Weight: 75 to 80 lbs

Basic Appearance

Magical Girl Outfit(Drawn by a friend)

Soul Gem (Drawn by another friend)

Personality: She appears energetic about the things that which interest her, and a little slow and disinterested about the things that do not.
She's a cautious person. Easily afraid of things without understanding like Witches.
But the longer she was a magical girl, the more this fear dulled.
She felt sad about the witches, wanting them to be remembered. She could not stand knowing that people were unaware of their existance.
That magical girls just mow them down as "Monsters". That nobody remembered, or even considered, who they once were.
Her personality turned slightly darker when she was told to keep this truth for the sake of Humanity's sanity.
Now, she suppressed the truth, and it ate away on her soul. The desire to spread it grew and grew. Until that fateful day when it exploded.
And she turned witch...

Weapons: Iron Rings like Suwako from the Touhou Franchise. They're not on fire, they bounce, she can call them back, and has limited control over their flight. When stuck, they will spin like a circular saw until freeing themselves.

Abilities: Passive Ability is photographic memory. She was mostly unaware of it. Her witch form is the result.

Hobbies & Talents: Photography, Browsing the web, Wandering


Favorite Food: Spaghetti and Meat Balls
Favorite Drink: Fruit Juices of any kind
Favorite Animal: No preference
Favorite Music: No preference
Favorite Color: Blue
Soul Gem color: Turquoise
Symbol: Circle
Witch Kill Count: (Gotta count...)
Wish: "I will only regret the wish if I put all my being into it, like many people probably would. But I get two wishes. The wish I have, and a purpose to pursue. I don't see how I could regret this. I wish for a loyal friend that I can rely on. That is my wish!"
Time as Magical Girl: (gotta count that)" />

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